Every commercial food environment and restaurant business must comply with a strict set of rules, regulations and standards pertaining to fire, insurance, health laws
 and potential liability and risk. All insurance companies will clearly stipulate in a policy that exhaust/extraction systems that are functional and operational 
in a commercial food business, must be cleaned and maintained every 12 months, with filters serviced by an external contractor periodically.

Our business can provide complete support and a range of products and services in this domain including:

Manufacture of Honey Comb Filters
Commercial Kitchen Filter Cleaning
Kitchen Filter Exchange
Custom Size Kitchen Filters
Quick and reliable service

At Bennett Filters, we use ultra modern cleaning equipment in tandem with high quality cleaning products.
This ensures we meet all quality control measures whilst validating any additional request. All commercial filter cleaning is performed at our Coburg North facility, 

whilst our qualified staff will exchange filters on site to ensure no disruption to your business operation.

Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions as to how Bennett Filters can help you ensure your business is compliant!

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